Server Migration Information


Staff member
Dear Players,

First, I would like to apologize for the issues with server restarts and crashes. Due to the amount of players we received (expected 40-55 & received 100+) , the amount of pressure some commands, and the newer spawn system had. We are working diligently to ensure you have the best game play and experience is amazing.

Now with the coming server migration, us as the staff would like to complete this as quick as possible. Tonight at 10PM EST is when we will be starting the migration. This will bring a increased bandwidth, more memory, and a better user experience.

With the server migration there will be changes to the site to be more appealing to you as the player. It will feature Streamers (3), we will rotate the two streamers every week (Left & Right). We will have Mapapis in the center. If you wish to join the streaming on our site, send one of a message. We will be changing the server and vote time to match with GTop100 for now on which is Canada Central. There will be a change to donations for an in-game Donor Point NPC. You will be able to exchange points for chairs, styles, and much more. We are going to stick with the Non-P2W, as it is fair for all players. We have already fixed many bugs and deadlocks in the server code.

*Codex Book is being removed temporary until a proper fix is made.

After the migration is complete, we will be hosting a 1.5x Drop event for two days from Tuesday August 13th till Thursday August 15th at Midnight (August 16th).

Thank you for understanding & remember we are always here to help you.