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Welcome Beta Players & New Players,

We would like to start off saying we had a great closed & open beta. There are many of you who put a lot
of work into finding bugs and glitches. We are now able to go into an Official Launch with how stable and
most major bug free. We are not completely bug free but we are not game breaking now. There are a couple
features that have changed while we were in beta.

The EXP Rate for instance it use to be progressive, we are now a Regressive EXP Rate. Meaning based off of
YOUR OVERALL LINK STAT LEVEL the EXP Rate will decreased. How it works is (10000 - (LINK LEVEL * 2)) / 100.
We will say you are Level 250. Your Link Stat Level will be 250. (10000 - (250 * 2)) / 100 = 95x EXP Rate.

Linked Stats
Every 10 Levels you gain on 1 out of the 19 Classes upon your Account you will gain 1% All Stats Account wide.
Possible +450% All Stat based off of 4500 Levels total on the account.
The 19 different classes include:
  • Warrior - 3 = Max Level 250
  • Mage - 3 = Max Level 250
  • Bowman - 2 = Max Level 250
  • Thief - 2 = Max Level 250
  • Pirate - 2 = Max Level 250
  • Cygnus - 5 = Max Level 200
  • Aran - 1 = Max Level 250
  • Beginner - 1 = Max Level 250
Purification Ring (Quest Ring)
Every Quest you gain 1 W.ATT and 2 M.ATT. Not shared on Account, Character bound.

@cp - Challenges you have started
@wc - All the weekly challenges
@mc - All the monthly challenges

Each month the top 13 players with the most challenges completed will recieve an reward.
  • 1st Place - +15% All Stat ring
  • 2nd Place - +10% All Stat ring
  • 3rd Place - +8% All Stat ring
  • 4th - 13th Place - +5% All Stat ring
*Ring can be moved within account, cannot be traded. Expires in 30 Days.

Linked Skills - @skills

Current Skill List
Hero - Power Stance
Dark Knight - Hyper Body
Paladin - Heavens Hammer
Arch Mage F/P - Elquines
Arch Mage I/L - Infinity
Bishop - Holy Symbol
Bowmaster - Concentrate
Sniper - Sharp Eyes
Night Lord - Haste
Shadower - Meso Guard
Buccaneer - Speed Infusion
Corsair - Wings
Beginner - +1x Drop (Cannot be leveled up by Crystal)
Aran - To Be Determined*

You must have 1 Level 150 of the following classes to obtain a Link Skill on another character.
In order to use the Link Skill on another character you must have that character at Level 70.
Each skill with start off at a low level (5). In order to level the skill up you must find a
Intermediate Secret Crystal which is obtained by defeating Bosses.

If you need more information about the above items will be posted in a guide

Monster Book System

Now this was not in the beta. I am going to try my best to describe how it is going to work.
The system is going to Account Shared. It will boost your stats based on the Monster Book Tiers.
There are 9 tiers from Low Level Monsters (red) to High Level Bosses (Gold).
Each Monster you have to gain a total of 5 monster cards for tier.

Stats gained from Monster Book are subject to change, but follow as:
  • Tier 1 - MaxHP
  • Tier 2 - MaxMP
  • Tier 3 - Accuracy
  • Tier 4 - Weapon Defense
  • Tier 5 - Magic Defense
  • Tier 6 - Avoidability
  • Tier 7 - *TBD
  • Tier 8 - All Stat Boost
  • Tier 9 - Weapon ATT & Magic ATT

Daily Bossing Limits:
Every 24 hours on the server there will be a boss limit reset.
Each boss will have the following limits;

Zakum - 4 times a day
Scarga & Targa - 3 times a day
Horntail - 2 times a day
Papalatus - 4 times a day
Pink Bean - 2 times a day
Chaos Zakum - 1 time a day

*These are subject to change as more bosses are released

Voting System & Donations

You vote for 11k NX & 1 VP every 12hours
this must be done on 2 different devices in order to gain the full 22k NX daily.

Donations have changed since Beta, there will be 4 tier donations;
$5 USD - 1 VIP IGN & 7,500 Maple Points
$10 USD - 1 VIP IGN & 15,000 Maple Points
$20 USD - 1 VIP IGN & 30,000 Maple Points
$50 USD - 1 VIP IGN & 75,000 Maple Points

This is changed due to our new Vote Point system, you are able to gain VIP on a character for 21 VPs.

To our beta players,
You will be able to redeem your 1 VIP Character & Maple Genesis Hat by @redeem > Beta Reward

Our Future

We are currently working on more exclusive Maps & Bosses to release such as Lion Heart Castle, Twilight Perion, Future Henesys.
With those Maps added we will be able to add Von Leon, Empress, Arkarium, and many more. We don't want to spoil too much.

We will be rolling out a better system as time goes on. Thank you everyone for the awesome time.
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