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Version 83
Patch Version 1.25
Experience Rate: Regression
Meso Rate: 4-6x
Drop Rate: 4x

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Avatar Name Level
soose 255
woot 255
MainGame 255
Fatality 255
Aeon 255

Welcome to ElationMS!

EXP Rate - Regressive (Your EXP is based on Link Skill Level. Starting at 100x and ending around 20x with you final Character)
Meso Rate - 4x ~ 6x
Drop Rate - 4x

Our Features include:

  • Link Stats - Every 10 levels gained Account wide you gain 1% All Stats
  • Link Skills - At level 150 you are able to unlock 1 Skill to use on other Characters that are level 70+
  • Burning Levels - 1 Character per Account use @burning to gain 3 Levels for Every 1 Gained. Stops at Level 120.
  • Weekly & Monthly Challenges - Once completed Items are gained from Duey. Prize Varies on difficulty
  • Speed Runs - Many JQs and Starter Maps have a option where the fastest run through in the month will gain a prize.
  • HP & MP Washing are not needed, MaxHP & MaxMP increased 100% per Level
  • Maps & Items from Higher Versions (WZ Edits)
  • Wide Screen Client & Original 800x600 Client

Future Features:

  • LHC - 1000 Link Stat Levels
  • Future Henesys - 2500 Link Stat Levels
  • Chaos Zakum - 400 Link Stat Levels
  • Chaos Horntail - 800 Link Stat Levels

These will be locked, they are going to get a buff but more rewards from them.

*Chaos Pink Bean - TBD but will drop TOP END EQUIPMENT

Elation Streams!